Our #1 job as Palm Beach Pool Pros is to provide great service and connect with our customers. We are always looking to make that connection even stronger. One thing we always try to bring to our work is a true sense of the fact that we’re real people. That’s why when we match you up with a pool repair or resurfacing contractor, we want you to remember that we are two guys with a passion for the water.  That means we really want you to love your pool.

We think that businesses lose trust when it sounds like they’re just writing marketing-speak. Instead, we think it’s better when they speak from an authentic place, using their real voices. It should feel like you’re sitting down with them getting a cup of coffee.  Not like you’re listening to a marketing presentation.

That’s why we love to hear about great businesses or organizations who “keep it real.” Especially here in Palm Beach County. This week we’re glad to share a new one with you. They’re called Boca News, and they write a weekly newsletter about everything Boca Raton. They cover “news, entertainment, (and) restaurant deals” to “comedy specials, real estate and personal stories.”

We like to personal, down-to-earth style of Boca News.  And, we look forward to seeing how Tim and his crew will continue to positively contribute to our sense of community here in Palm Beach County.