Delray Beach’s Best Pool Repair and Installation – The Divine Pools Of Delray Beach, FL

As the gem of South Florida, Delray Beach is the place to be. Located right on the Atlantic Ocean, Delray Beach has all the makings of a big city with the quiet intimacy you’d expect in a coastal location. The city has a higher median income than most Florida locales, which is reason enough to fill the backyard with the most divine of pools. One thing is for certain, the residents of this playful and vibrant city, know that using the best pool contractor is imperative to keeping their Delray Beach, FL swimming pool in tip top shape and Palm Beach Pool Pros helps connect them with some of the most experienced in the business. This energetic city is home to some of the most divine pools in Florida, and we’ve brought you some of the best here.

Delray Beach’s Divine Pools

Divine Pool 1

Bean-shaped pool - best swimming pool repair
This resident of Delray Beach chose this bean-shaped pool for their home which is surrounded by lush foliage.

Divine Pool 2

Sundeck pool - best pool contractors
A beautifully colored sundeck accompanies this homeowner’s grand pool compliment the exterior of their home.

Divine Pool 3

Perfect pool retreat - pool resurfacing
This resident’s bean-shaped pool provides the perfect retreat in a private backyard with plenty of intimacy.

Places Of Interest In Delray Beach, FL

With a thriving art scene and plenty of beaches to spend the day at, you’d be remiss if you didn’t visit Delray Beach at least once to see these sights.

  • Delray Municipal Beach –  play in the sand, water, and warmth of one of the most beautiful public beaches in South Florida.
  • Arts Garage – take in some music as well as some art at this non-profit performance gallery set in the heart of downtown.
  • Atlantic Avenue – explore all that downtown Delray Beach has to offer on this historic street that is lined with boutiques, restaurants and art galleries.
  • Pineapple Grove Arts District – enjoy the burgeoning art district of the city at one of the many art galleries that bring this vibrant area to life.
  • Wakodahatchee Wetlands – walk the boardwalk and spend some time at this 50-acre wetland site that is open to the public.

History Of Delray Beach, FL

The history of Delray Beach extends back to 1876 with the enactment of the Orange Grove House of Refuge that was named after the nearby growing orange trees. In 1884, the city began to take shape when it began to be settled by African Americans from the Panhandle of Florida. The first school was opened in the community 10 years later. In 1894, William S. Linton began selling plots of land to farmers just west of the Refuge house. The area was initially named after the congressman and soon found itself with a railway station by South Florida’s founding father, Henry Flagler. Farming took off in the area until the deep freeze of 1898 took over. In an attempt to bring life back to the city, it was named Delray, which is Spanish for king. In the early 1900s, the city began to grow, finding itself home to settlers from The Bahamas and as far away as Japan. Pineapples became the main crop of the region and are still recognized today in the city’s ever-popular Pineapple Grove community. The city was revitalized in the last part of the twentieth century with many historical sites preserved, and landmarks renovated. Today the city is well-known for its surfing and art district and was named America’s Most Fun Small Town by Best of the Road magazine in 2012.

Do You Need Delray Beach Pool Repair?

With the bevy of swimming pools in the city of Delray Beach, finding the best pool contractors is a must for its residents. Palm Beach Pool Pros knows that you need reliable Delray Beach pool repair and resurfacing and we are devoted to making that happen for you. We can connect you with the best pool contractors in Delray Beach that also offer the best pool repair and pool resurfacing. Looking for Delray Beach pool installation? We have that too and can help you find an experienced pool contractor to design the swimming pool of your dreams, so you too can have a divine pool in Delray Beach.

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