Pentair Pool Pump Reviews and Comparisons

Pentair pool pumps are reliable, quiet, and durable compared with many other pool pump brands on the market. Hundreds of thousands of customers have installed a Pentair Pool Pump, making them one of the most popular brands available. Pentair pumps come in various types, including single, double, and variable speed.

Why are Pentair Pool Pumps popular?

Energy efficient

Pentair’s variable pumps allow owners to reduce electricity usage and save money on their electric bill. Switching to a lower speed during off-peak times is a simple trick used by savvy swimming pool owners to lower their bills. Plus, many Pentair pumps are Energy Star Certified.


The variable speed pool pumps by Pentair are quieter, and are fan cooled. With their well designed external and internal components, they can run smoothly without issues of overheating. Though buyers have a range of options to adjust how fast it runs, the highest speed produces about 45 decibels. This is far less noise compared to some other variable speed pump brands.

Durable casing material

Pumps owned by people in hot climates like Florida or Arizona are exposed to high levels of sun and heat. Poorly constructed pump casings can crack or snap open due to overheating and immobilize the pump. Further, some pump models have openings in their casing that allow bugs and insects to enter the pump and cause further damage. Pentair pumps are known for their sturdy structural casings that are designed to keep critters outside in the wild where they belong.

Compatible with most plumbing and electrical systems

Pool designs have evolved over the years. Many modern ones use 2 inch pipes to transport water to and from the pool during the filtration process. The older pumps use 1.5 inch pipes, which might not be compatible with most modern pumps. Also, the electrical components have changed, meaning many modern pumps are not compatible with them. However, most variable speed Pentair pool pumps can be integrated with both old and new systems, regardless of pipe diameter.



Most new variable speed Pentair pumps come with timers for efficient pool circulation. Customers prefer these pumps because they can schedule them to turn on automatically during midday, when the sun is brightest and algae growth is at its peak. Since algae growth is the greatest enemy of a healthy pump, circulating the pool effectively during the day keeps the water clean and the pump lasting longer.



Pentair is a renowned brand with a credible reputation, which attracts more and more buyers each year. Many of the new variable speed Pentair pumps come with a warranty of 2 years. However, the warranty is only valid if your pump is installed by a professional technician. You can use one of our professional installers to ensure the warranty on your Pentair pool pump system.


Common Pentair Pool Pump Models

Pentair model 342001

This is variable speed pump model with a 1.5hp motor that uses either 110 volts or 220 volts. It is a nice choice for both inground and above ground pools. This model comes with an easy to read display and a built-in timer.

Pentair model 011018

This model offers a custom programming with perfect pump speeds for specific tasks such as filtering, cleaning, heating and more. It can save energy up to 90% compared to other similar variable speed pumps. It is also quieter, has a built in diagnostic feature, and built in timer.

Pentair model 340039

This is a single speed Pentair pump with 1.5 hp to move water at a lower operational cost. The internal design makes it relatively quieter. It has thick walled parts, see-through lid, and a 56 square flange motor for heavy operations.

Pentair model 347990

This is a two speed Pentair pump model suitable for above ground pools. It has a large basket, ramp, and cam lid lock. The drain plugs are removable, allowing port connection for unionized discharge. The motor has a metallic base.


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