Pool Remodeling Guide – Tips, Tricks, and Costs

Pool Remodeling


A South Florida customer's pool after extensive remodeling
A South Florida customer’s pool after extensive remodeling

Fall in Love with Your Pool Again

Pool remodeling is not just about pipes and cement. It’s about that magical moment of pride you feel every time you step out to look at your pool.

We believe your swimming pool is the pinnacle of your home. Whether modern and edgy or traditional and romantic or playful and charismatic, your pool is a reflection of your personality. By remodeling your pool, you will fall in love again with your entire property. You’ll get those butterflies every time you glance at the decor. And you’ll feel great knowing all the new technology is keeping operating costs and maintenance expenses in check.

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Resale Value

Whether you’ve recently purchased a property or are preparing your older home for resale, there’s no denying that a swimming pool raises purchase price. According to the National Association of Realtors, an inground swimming pool adds 8% to the selling price of your home. But this figure understates the true value: especially in Palm Beach County, buyers are looking to purchase a property that’s their retirement dream. There’s a good chance you will lock in a huge premium with a beautiful pool deck.


An enclosed (screened-in) pool, the result of a total remodel
An enclosed (screened-in) pool, the result of a total remodel

A Carefree Pool

Today’s modern computer-controlled pool equipment makes swimming pool ownership virtually carefree. For example, chemical automation systems can monitor and automatically adjust the pH, salt, and chlorine levels of your pool. Or variable pool pumps can automatically circulate water during the most algae-prone times of day. And all these features can be controlled from anywhere in your home or even via a mobile app. Your newly remodeled pool will take the stress out of pool maintenance.


Save Energy

As a pool owner, you’re probably well aware by now of the electricity costs of swimming pools. Old pumps (especially single speed) are especially wasteful with energy. New pool pumps, salt cells, and pool heaters are built with efficiency in mind. Many can be programmed with variable speed levels so they draw minimum power most of the time. In fact, our installers are happy to recommend a few Energy Star certified models for the hardware of your “new” pool.


Client swimming pool with hot tub, surrounded by plants and screened in lanai/enclosure
Client swimming pool with hot tub, surrounded by plants and screened in lanai/enclosure

Add Features and Enhancements During Your Remodeling

Pool remodeling is the perfect time to add jaw dropping features that will make your pool the talk of the neighborhood. There are a number of beautiful enhancements we’d be happy to plan and install for you, including:

  • Waterfalls: you will love the soothing sound combined with the aesthetic of cascading water. Some choose to to add a natural-looking waterfall, with beautiful stones collected from various regions of the world. Others prefer modern architecture. You really can’t go wrong!
  • Fountains and Bubblers: fountains are another classic addition to swimming pools. Families can choose to add small fountains to shallow areas of the pool for the kiddos to play with. Others prefer large, ornate centerpieces.
  • Laminar Jets: Our personal favorite, laminar jets produce a bubble-free continuous stream of water which can be accented with colored lighting
  • Water Slides: Every child’s dream (and every adult’s secret dream too!)
  • Hot Tub: One of the best pool area remodeling projects to promote health and wellness is the addition of a spa or hot tub. Hydrotherapy consists of three main healing ingredients; heat, buoyancy, and massage. You and your loved ones will appreciate the soothing relaxation only a hot tub can provide


Remodeling Modern Lighting

Pool lights have come a long way since the single underwater bulb in the side of a pool. Today’s pool lighting arsenal includes brilliant fiber optic cables that transport light anywhere along the sides of the pool. LEDs have replaced traditional lamps and provide sharp multicolor lighting through a variety of modern fixtures. In many cases, these lights can be centrally and remotely controlled. Plus, modern lighting further reduces your energy costs. An amazing light show with lower electricity bills? Yes please!


Time to Go Saltwater?

If you haven’t made the switch yet, your pool remodeling is a good time to consider changing to a saltwater pool system. Most of today’s new pool installs use this new method whereby a salt cell device uses the saline in your pool water to chlorinate your pool on demand. No need to ever drop chlorine tablets ever again!

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